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The Race To Break The Carbon Barrier

Alan GoldsteinAlan H Goldstein is a research scientist and futurist. He began his career in the 1970s as a molecular biologist before becoming a theoretician in the field of nanobiotechnology. He has codified the central concepts of this nascent area of knowledge into a set of operational rules termed the 'Laws of Biomimetics'. As part of this work, Goldstein has published a set of guidelines specifically designed to identify the artificial life forms likely to emerge from research at the intersection of nanotechnology and biotechnology. He has also created the 'Animat Test' as a practical bioengineering tool for monitoring the coming transformation from natural to artificial biology.

His essay "Nature vs. Nanoengineering: Rebuilding our world one atom at a time." won a 2003 Shell-Economist Prize http://www.shelleconomistprize.com and remains the primary reference in the nascent field of nanobioethics. He was the first person to use the term "Breaking The Carbon Barrier" to identify the future moment when humanity successfully engineers the first nonbiological life form. This concept was formally introduced and defined during a debate with Ron Bailey at the Foresight 'Vision Weekend' component of the 13th Foresight Conference on Advanced Nanotechnology.

Why Industrial Nanobiotechnology?

Thirty years ago, Dr. Alan H Goldstein saw the future of technology. It was clear that elucidation of the biochemistry of life would open the door to the molecular integration of living and nonliving chemistries… a field now known as Nanobiotechnology.  Just as he was beginning his university studies as a cell physiologist, the molecular biology revolution was creating the genetic engineering capability that would birth the Biotechnology Industry.  It quickly became obvious that beyond the biological boundaries of the living cell, an even more astounding and fundamental revolution would take place in the field now known as Bioengineering; the multifaceted discipline that would finally and fully integrate the life sciences into the world of modern technology. With the freedom of a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, Dr. Goldstein prepared for this coming revolution by creating his own curriculum; a unique fusion of life sciences, physical sciences, chemistry, and engineering. (READ MORE)<<<

Arthur Bruzzone 14 min 17 sec - Nov 23, 2006

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Interview with Dr. Alan Goldstein,
on the potential and dangers of nanotechnology.



April 19th, 2007

"We won’t discover the first alien lifeforms out amongst the stars,"
says Dr. Alan Goldstein. "We will create them in our own laboratories"


from: Create an Alien, Win A-Prize! By RU Sirius.
The A-Prize offers to reward the first person who creates an “artificial lifeform” or reveals that one has been created.

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