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biomanWhy Industrial Nanobiotechnology?

Vision Statement - Alan H Goldstein, Ph.D.

Thirty years ago, Dr. Alan H Goldstein could see the future of technology. It was clear that elucidation of the biochemistry of life would open the door to the molecular integration of living and nonliving chemistries… a field now known as Nanobiotechnology. Just as he was beginning his university studies as a cell physiologist, the molecular biology revolution was creating the genetic engineering capability that would birth the Biotechnology Industry. It quickly became obvious that beyond the biological boundaries of the living cell, an even more astounding and fundamental revolution would take place in the field now known as Bioengineering; the multifaceted discipline that would finally and fully integrate the life sciences into the world of modern technology. With the freedom of a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, Dr. Goldstein prepared for this coming revolution by creating his own curriculum; a unique fusion of life sciences, physical sciences, chemistry, and engineering.

Thirty years ago, almost a decade before the term Nanotechnology was coined, Dr. Goldstein was inventing methods to study the molecular interface between living cells and the surface of a microscale implant… a field now known as Biomaterials. His dissertation research left him convinced that exploration of the molecular frontier between living and nonliving materials would require (not benefit from but absolutely require) an interdisciplinary toolkit that ranged from DNA sequencing to nonlinear systems computer modeling to innovations such as the (then unheard of) technique of placing live samples directly into the scanning electron microscope… now a standard and powerful nanotechnology tool known as Environmental SEM.
Professor Goldstein has been active in the biotechnology industry since its creation. He came to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1980 to help found Chevron’s biotechnology group and found himself in the very eye of the genetic engineering hurricane. For the next twenty five years Dr. Goldstein continued to pioneer the multidisciplinary research concepts now recognized as an absolute requirement for the successful implementation of Nanobiotechnology. In 2003, Alan H Goldstein stepped back from the laboratory bench in order to analyze, synthesize, and write about what he had learned during the past three decades. His primary focus was on developing the framework for a new form of theoretical biology; one that fully integrates the concept that technology invented by a biological system (human beings) is inexorably driving that same biological system towards a future where there were no boundaries between living and nonliving materials. Homo sapiens intend to take the bio; no boundaries between biology and chemistry. He recognized that the age of nanotechnology meant that Homo sapiens, the toolmaker, was about to open the ultimate tool box, inside were the implements necessary to build molecular machines with atomic precision… the same strategy used by biological evolution to create molecular machines like DNA and proteins. Most importantly, Dr. Goldstein realized that the overt goal of Nanobiotechnology – the fusion of living and nonliving materials at the molecular level – was a goal that automatically implied outcomes of a complexity far beyond the simple concepts of cyborgs and AI employed by even our most noted futurists.
His first effort, “Nature vs. Nanoengineering” won a prestigious 2003 Shell-Economist Prize. He continues to published regularly on Nanobiotechnology, Bioterrorism, and Genetic Engineering. More recently, he has founded Industrial Nanobiotechnology in order to bring his clients the insights that can only come from a lifetime at the intersection of biotechnology and nanotechnology.
Dr. Goldstein’s goal is cut through buzzwords and bureaucratic fog to create analyses with the requisite intensity, clarity of technical vision, and boldness of narrative style to insure that humanity understands the forces it has set in motion. It is common knowledge that scientific discoveries in the 20th century have set the stage for a ‘nanotechnology revolution’ that will transform every aspect of human life. What is far from common knowledge is that this transformation is already underway. Even though it represents the most powerful force ever unleashed by human beings… the term ‘industrial nanobiotechnology’ remains a complete enigma to almost the entire population of Earth. This site, named Industrial Nanobiotechnology, was created by Dr. Goldstein to insure that the truth about what nanobiotechnology is and what it can do is available to anyone who wants to know.

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